Nurturing Inclusiveness
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Addis Development Vision (ADV) is a humanitarian and non-profit making organization founded in 1993 by a group of Ethiopian volunteers to improve the lives disadvantaged groups of society. ADV envisions Ethiopia where all children grow, learn and live in secure, safe and sustainable environment. ADV exist to contribute to the improvement of the lives of the poor particularly children to be able to benefit from education, health, livelihood, and other basic social services and capacity building opportunities. ADV currently re-registered with Charities and Society agency in accordance with the Charities and Societies Proclamation No.1113/2019, with registration number 0083. It has got also operational and project Agreements with the relevant government line offices in its current operational areas.

Key strategies




Enable disadvantaged persons to have access to basic social services


Knowledge and skill development of poor people


Addis Development Vision!

Addis vision learning materials manufacturing (AVLMM)


Addis vision learning materials manufacturing (AVLMM) has been manufacturing children educational materials and equipment with international and Local NGOs, Government and private customers in Ethiopia .Our products are of good quality developed with years of experience and are manufactured to best quality standards. They are made on the requirements laid down by the current knowledge and practice on children education. We are confident that the educational materials will be very useful for the education of children at kinder garden and to early grades of primary school or to children up to age 10 and will be loved by children, parents,…

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The early childhood development program

A specific early childhood component to ADV began in 1998. We recognized that early childhood development is an important component in our disability intervention program. This is because delayed children…

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