A specific early childhood component to ADV began in 1998. We recognized that early childhood development is an important component in our disability intervention program. This is because delayed children development can be helped better at this crucial stage. By creating, an environment where disabled and non-disabled children can play, learn, and grow together , thought that right attitude could be inculcated in the minds of the children. In addition to this, it designed to demonstrate to the community members what could be possible done in the education of children with special needs. The healthier the children are today the healthier the future of society.

Inclusive Education

ADV has accumulated a wide experience in working with the education of children. It has practice proven experiences in promoting inclusive education. It provided training for teachers (both pre and in-service/on-the-job practical trainings).Strengthened resource rooms/centres (providing materials like shelves, supplementary books, tables and chairs to target schools); established and strengthened health/disability clubs; training parents; organized awareness raising sessions to stakeholders at various levels and supporting cluster schools centres. The several consultative meetings, trainings, awareness raising sessions held with sector offices, teachers, parents/guardians/caretakers and the community at large has been instrumental in the identification of children with special needs as well as in introducing inclusive education.