Program Components

ADV’s main program components are the following:-

  1. Education: Early childhood education and primary education for vulnerable children, individualized school support to PwDs through sponsorship; young women literacy
  1. Health: Reproductive health (reproductive health club support to adolescents and girls), population & environment ,primary health care and sanitation, IEC; and HIV /AIDS prevention,
  1. OVC: community based support for vulnerable children (facilitating access to preschool education, medical care, psycho-social support and livelihood promotion);
  1. Livelihood: vocational skill training, access to credit, basic business training, employment opportunities;
  1. Gender and women empowerment: empowering girls and women, capacity enhancement, access to credit and education, etc.
  1. Persons with disabilities: Awareness education, medical rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, educational measures; Empowering PwDs and their organizations