Addis Development Vision (ADV) has been implementing “protection of basic service” project in eleven Words located in three zones (Silte, Hadiya, and Guragie). ADV with three implementing partners (Dalocha Women and Development Association, Participatory Poverty Reduction Organization (PPRO), and Guragie Development and Culture Association (GDCA), p the project strives to strengthen and deepen quality, effectiveness, efficiency, access etc. to basic services. The General Objective of the Project is to contribute to the country’ development effort, to improve the quality of service delivery by improving the engagement of communities at grass root level and builds the capacity of the service providers. The Specific Objectives are:  

  • To Support service users and service providers in 11 Woredas:
  • Towards enhancing their knowledge and on the concept, principles and tools of SA with regards to basic services delivery so that they would engage in constructive dialogue and negotiation.
  • To create a base for pro-active and practical engagement, and develop the culture of collaboration and joint action by capacitating and sensitizing service users and service providers (Woreda and Kebele administrations) on the rights and responsibilities with regards to basic services.