The objective of the program is to promote women participation in decision-making and development through fostering freedom of associations. The program applied several approaches and strategies to achieve its objectives, these includes; promoting human rights education to foster freedom of associations, capacity building, building a participatory human rights culture and developing local links.

The program  has also helped promoting women and community participation in decision making, running for elections, involvement in leadership were enhanced through awareness creation in democracy and human rights, gender, and building the capacity of grassroots organizations such as women associations to contribute for the realization of democracy, respect for human rights and freedom of association. The human rights education designed in such a way that it can address issues of democratic electoral process at local level and strengthening the basis of civil society dialogue and democratic discourse.

The other similar project of ADV aimed at improving the capacities of grassroots organizations/CBOs to design and implement programs that promote women’s wellbeing and privileges, and enhance   the awareness of non-state actors and the public on gender issues. To this effect coordinates short- training events on issues such as gender relations, gender analysis, organizational development, paralegal development and on legal support to victims of violence. Training of trainers for schoolteachers on gender relations designed to facilitate outreach to schools and communities.